About the series

Infectious Air Series 2 Coming Soon

RnA plus Guests present



How do you breathe in an air of danger?
How do you sing under threat?
What kind of touch makes you dance from a distance?
And what shaking makes you sweat?

In this series of encounters RnA (Rowland Sutherland and Ansuman Biswas) will learn what a pandemic and the practice of improvisation might have to do with one another. They will explore genres, genes, and the unknown, through music and words. Ranging across jazz, tantra, and physiology, they will ask whether music is a communicable condition, absorbing and mutating in the search for a shared space, and even sculpting reality. Examining the notions of purity, order, and freedom in the midst of pollution, noise and control, they will celebrate the viral sublime of listening.

Over the next few months RnA will host 6 sessions with guest artists. Each session will consist of a mixture of words and music from Rowland and Ansuman, joined by a different guest for each episode, all separated by lockdown.

The audience will also be invited to infect the event with live interactions.

This improvisation will be an attempt to play and talk together from our separate silos, simultaneously enabled and frustrated by the technologies we find ourselves stranded with.

While acknowledging our history and our possible futures, RnA promise to bring to your experience of lockdown a gift from another dimension. The gift of improvisation, the art of listening to the present.

Even now, some sounds are immediate and apparent, and clamour for our attention. But to hear the fainter sounds we must be as still and quiet as a hunter. Then the invisible lappings of the air resolve into music, full of the noise of a million directions.

Suspending judgement, surrendering ourselves to possession by the siren sound, the overtones sparkle more clearly and the faintest music seems to travel to us like the light from a distant star.

After a while, we realise the air is full of invisible spirits. Aerosols float from the mouths of all who breathe.

And if we receive with every cell, attend with an open heart, we can just discern a great host of voices telling wondrous stories.

Then we really start to listen.