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Mishti Dance

Mishti Dance

Founded by DJ Isuru in 2018, “Mishti” is the Bengali word for Sweet and Mishti Dance takes it’s name from a track by DJ and Music Producer State of Bengal

‘A return to the experimentation of the Asian Underground in the face of commercial clubbing’. The format of Mishti Dance comprises a community-based arts and performance space featuring both poets and DJs, in a radical defiance of the rigid, distinct cultural categorisation of arts events as either high arts- or club music-based.

It is a space for experimental and electronic music and performance arts with South Asian influence.  A Night club meets an art gallery.  Mishti Dance takes inspiration from the Asian Underground music scene particularly the legendary Anokha and Swaraj Asian Underground club nights of the 90s and early 00s.




Transcultural Visions

Transcultural Visions

Founded by Bilkis Malek in 2014, Transculturalvisions delivers creative projects inspired by the cultural experiences and heritage of Britain’s diverse communities. Our purpose is to advance public appreciation of diverse cultures; and further understanding about the dynamics that promote positive interethnic relations and a shared sense of belonging.

Transculturalvisions’ first project – Singing Cultures – is a music education project providing opportunities to learn about, perform and debate the cultural legacy of African Classical Music and its message for a ‘common humanity’.

Our projects provide creative spaces for participants and audiences to navigate questions of culture, identity, belonging freely and without the constraints of binary opposites. “‘I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. Wow! And for me it’s a challenge to our senses. That we don’t just have a voice. We have a voice that can do all sorts of things. And we have breath that does all sorts of things.”