the sessions

Infectious Air Series 2 Coming Soon

RnA plus Guests present



 Over the next few months RnA will host six sessions, tracing the stages of a viral infection, of listening, and of the early history of jazz:


1. First Contact, meeting points, infections, definitions of Self and Other, immunity, segregation, subjugation, and the minds of microbes.

May 30th          Attachmentwith Guest Artists RENU and Ronnie McGrath
The encounter of host and visitor. Cultures collide and grapple for supremacy. Masters and slaves bind to one another. Calls and responses, cries across the street. The naked voices of those who have no instruments. Work Songs and the beginnings of the Blues.
What can you hear?

June 13th         Penetrationwith Guest Artists Melissa James and Maria Chiara Argirò

The new is engulfed by the old through endocytosis or membrane fusion. African breath enters the Christian hymn to become the Spiritual. The Church swells with waves of polyphony and quivers with the feverish rhythms of the body.
What if you listen with your heart?


2. Mixing and merging, hybridization and cross-pollination, genes and memes, transmission, corruption, cultural appropriation, and musical mutation.

June 27th        Uncoatingwith Guest Artists Charlotte Keeffe and Liam Noble
New sensibilities cannot contain themselves and spread to become indistinguishable from their host. The visitor removes his coat and makes himself at home. In the streets Brass Bands and Marching Bands ring out. Buddy Bolden’s cornet rings out from late 19th Century New Orleans.
When does a strange noise become a familiar tone?

July 11th         Synthesis – with Guest Artists Alex J Ward and Huw Warren
Viral RNA enters the very heart of the host cell where it replicates. Ragtime pianist Jelly Roll Morton infects the piano with a twitch it can’t shake off, dancing chords dodging between the feet of his striding bass line. The alien enters the establishment, the host nucleus is recruited, and Scott Joplin carries the tic right into the classical orchestra.
Can you hear two sounds at the same time?


3. A look forward to a future practice of listening which incorporates the subtlest and most distant tremors in the webs we weave. RnA will consider replication, fusion, dissolution, the multiplication of vectors, and a possible future music which is much more than merely human.

July 25th          Assemblywith Guest Artist Coco Das, Phil Dawson and Sharron McLeod
New forms coalesce and replicate at first underground and then at street level. Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Son House, Leadbelly, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Ma Rainey, and Bessie Smith go various shades of Country Blues, Mississippi Delta Blues, and Classic Blues.
What is approaching just beyond earshot?

August 8th      Releasewith Guest Artists Jackie Walduck and Rachel Musson
The new influence explodes everywhere, uncontainable. From New Orleans, jazz is carried on the wind. Chicago, New York and Los Angeles cannot resist and by 1918 both the flu pandemic and Dixieland can be felt in Europe.
How will the future sound and who will hear it?